Shop Safely on Cyber Monday

Shop Safely on Cyber Monday

November 24, 2021

Shopping online makes it easier to find the perfect gift for the special people in your life, but it also comes with many cybersecurity risks. In a recent survey by Experian, 43% of consumers who had their identity stolen say it happened while shopping online during the holidays.

To protect your identity and important information, consider these tips to stay safe online this holiday season.


Secure your devices.


  • Keep software up to date on all devices.


  • Use Multi-factor authentication. If an attacker gets your password, they won't be able to access your accounts if they're protected by multi-factor authentication.


  • Be sure to check your device's privacy and security settings before shopping. It's essential to understand how your information is stored and used.


Shop smart.


  • Only use trusted websites. Attackers often set up malicious websites to trick users. Think twice before clicking.


  • Don't use unsecured public Wi-Fi to shop online or access your banking accounts.


  • Look out for phishing emails from cybercriminals impersonating retailers.


Use safe methods for purchasing.


  • Use a credit card. Using your debit card could give cybercriminals access to your entire checking account.


  • Check your bank statements regularly to detect any fraudulent activity on your accounts.



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