10 Winter Home Maintenance Tips

10 Winter Home Maintenance Tips

December 17, 2021

1. Stop the Drafts

Repair caulking around doors and windows. Seal any cracks in foundation walls.

2. Clean Heating Vents

Clear away any dust and debris.

3. Check For Leaks

Check your attic and crawlspace for signs of a water leak.

4. Use Floor Mats

To prevent falls on indoor surfaces, use mats and shoe trays for wet shoes.

5. Check Fireplace & Chimney

Before using your fireplace make sure proper maintenance has been done.

6. Prevent Ice Dams

To prevent ice damming remove slush from your roof and gutters.

7. Prevent Slippery Surfaces

Use salt, ice melt or sand to prevent slippery sidewalks. If you have pets be sure to purchase pet-safe material.

8. Winter Emergency Kit

Prepare a kit that includes the basics you'd need for a power outage and snow storm.

9. Protect Air Conditioner

Place protection over your AC to prevent falling icicles and debris from damaging you condensing unit.

10. Turn Off Outside Water

Turn off the water supply to outside faucets to prevent broken pipes.